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News 2006

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For the complete release schedule of 2006 see Books in print.

News items:

December 24: New book by Sandi Pichon.
December 24: Elvis And The Birth Of Rock by Mike McCartney and Lew Allen.
December 24: The Elvis Conspiracy? by Dick Grob.
December 24: Elvis' personal copy of "Kenpo Karate" book for sale
November 11 : Starring in Oklahoma out!
November 11 : Writing for the King by Ken Sharp
November 11 : We Remember, Elvis by Wanda June Hill
November 11 : "How Great Thou Art" Project
November 11 : Tunzi books sold out
August 6 : New German and French Elvis books
August 2 : Elvis Book Month on EIN
July 30 : New books announced
June 27 : The Forgotten Family of Elvis Presley by Rob Hines.
June 19 : Elvis Presley : A Biography by Kathleen Tracy.
June 18 : Insiders' Guide to Memphis, 3rd Ed. by Nicky Robertshaw and Rebecca Finlayson.
June 10 : Elvis: Remembering August 16, 1977 by Spike Collamore and Michael Best.
June 3 : Elvis Cinema and Popular Culture by Douglas Brode.
May 27 : Price of select Elvis book titles rising
May 27 : Over The Fence by Sara Erwin.
May 27 : Double Trouble by Elvis Matters.
May 21 : Elvis Decoded by Patrick Lacy.
May 11 : Elvis collection for sale
April 1 : The King. Elvis Leeft! by Rich Koslowski.
April 1 : Elvis: A Biography by Jerry Hopkins.
April 1 : Inside G.I. Blues by Elvis Unlimited.
April 1 : Elvis As The One Called Charro! by Joe Tunzi.
April 1 : Last Train to Memphis - Elvis Presley - Sein Aufstieg 1935-1958 by Peter Guralnick.
February 18 : Elvis: American Idol by Susan Doll.
February 18 : Elvis em Turnê
January 21 : Elvis: From New York to Memphis by Alfred Wertheimer.
January 2 : Desert Storm 2nd Edition by Darrin Lee.
January 1 : Life Lessons from Elvis by Anthony Rubino Jr.
January 1 : All Elvis, Vol. 2 by Elvis Unlimited
January 1 : The Memphis Recording Service Vol. 2 1955 by The Memphis Recording Service
January 1 : The Memphis Recording Service Vol. 1 1953-1954 by The Memphis Recording Service
January 1 : Elvis à Tesori E Ricordi by Robert Gordon.
January 1 : The Blue Moon Boys - The Story of Elvis Presley's Band by Ken Burke and Dan Griffin.
January 1 : Happy New Year!

24 December 2006

New book by Sandi Pichon.

Sandi Pichon says: "After the huge success and the positive criticism on my first book Raised on Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!, I have decided to write another book. My first book dealed mainly with my personal memories how I met Elvis at the beginning of the 50s and later in the 70s visited over hundred of his sold out concerts.
My second book will be an illustrated book, dealing with the concert years of the late Elvis 1970 - 1977.
Because I attach great importance to the quality of my books, there could only be one address for where my book should be produced and released. When it comes to Elvis releases "Praytome Publishing" is the standard in all quality concerns. From the actual print, the paper to the complex picture restoration this company has set new standards during the last years. In the tradition of the book "Elvis - Born To Rock" (Bud Glass), which was ground-breaking in terms of quality, cost/performance ratio and content, I want to open another chapter in the Elvis world. I was not only able to win the "Behind The Image - Team" for this project, but was also able to get famous photographers like my good friend Keith Alverson, who contributed a lot of great photos.
The release date is the first quarter of 2007 and during Elvis week 2007 me and the complete Team will be in Memphis, and will be available for signing autographs. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in person and I hope all Elvis fans will like my new book. Sandi Pichon"

Source: Praytome Publishing ...

24 December 2006

Elvis And The Birth Of Rock by Mike McCartney and Lew Allen.

"Elvis & the Birth of Rock" is a limited edition, deluxe book by Mike McCartney and Lew Allen. It comes with a very high price tag. Orders can be placed now, the book ships in January 2007.

Genesis Publications Ltd ... has issued the following press release about the book:

'Genesis Publications are delighted to announce the publication of "Elvis And The Birth Of Rock", a fascinating limited edition of just 1750 copies featuring 78 photographs, including 27 of Elvis Presley himself. Most of these extraordinary photographs are being published for the very first time.
On November 23rd 1956, Elvis performed at the Cleveland Arena and a 17-year-old boy, a keen photographer who worked for his high school newspaper, was invited to photograph him what a break that turned out to be for Lew Allen who, along with Mike McCartney, has signed each copy in the edition.
As a valued subscriber, we would like to offer you the chance to purchase this new publication in advance of more formal announcements being made in the press and on our website. As with previous Genesis limited editions, we will be offering Deluxe copies (numbered 1-350), with a pre-publication price of 395 Pound Sterling and Regular copies (numbered 351-1750), with a pre-publication price of 250 Pound Sterling.

We anticipate a high demand, especially for the Deluxe copies, so would recommend that you return the order form, e-mail us, or call any of the Genesis team, with a 50% deposit to secure your copy.

The publisher's release provides further, detailed information on "Elvis And The Birth Of Rock" including descriptions of the bindings, details of the 'added extras' which come with Deluxe copies and the other subjects covered by the photographs. Printing will start shortly and the first copies should be ready to despatch in time for Christmas.'

Source: Genesis Publications Ltd ...

24 December 2006

The Elvis Conspiracy? by Dick Grob.

Dick Grob's huge hardcover is finally available again to the public. The book explores the man, tells the story of his last days and gives the reader the first real insight into a world of which very few were privy. What was it like to be a part of this world behind the famous music gates in Memphis, Tennessee? What exactly happened? How do you go about planning and executing the largest funeral since President Kennedy's assassination?

The book details the events and decisions made August 16, 1977, and the days that followed. More importantly, The Elvis Conspiracy? details the players in this tragedy, the actual events which took place, narrated by someone who was there.

Thanks to the author's police background and professionalism, he was able to investigate the burning question proposed by Elvis' father and the world...."Did Elvis Have to Die?"

Source: EIN / Jamie Brown / Elvis Conspiracy ...


24 December 2006

Elvis' personal copy of "Kenpo Karate" book for sale

This book was written by Elvis' good friend, Ed Parker. It apparently comes from Elvis' personal collection. The description on Ebay reads:

"Elvis Presley's personally owned copy of the book "Kenpo Karate The Law Of The Fist and the Empty Hand" written by Elvis ' karate instructor Ed Parker. The hard back book measure 9 X 6 inches and has a dust cover which has noticeable wear. Elvis has written on the cover of the book as well as underscored numerous pages throughout the book as well as made handwritten notations in the margins of the book as was his custom. Book is copyright 1960 and has been signed to Elvis by Ed Parker on the inside fly leaf. From Parker's notation it is reasonable to assume Parker has given Elvis one copy before as the inscription makes note of Elvis not losing this copy. It was very common of Elvis to give copies of books to his friends and loved ones.The book has approximately 15-22 pages of notations throughout. Book comes with a letter of provenance from Homer Gilleland, and Charlie Hodge who was present when the book was given to Alan Fortas whom also includes a letter regarding the book received from Elvis."

Source: EIN / Ebay


11 November 2006

Elvis Starring in Oklahoma out!.

Joe Tunzi's latest photobook "Elvis Starring in Oklahoma" has been released.

Source: FECC / EIN


11 November 2006

Writing For The King by Ken Sharp

The Follow That Dream book and 2 CD release "Writing for the King" is due for release in early December 2006.
Ken Sharp's 400-page book includes more than 140 interviews with songwriters like John Fogerty, Paul McCartney, Leiber & Stoller, Pomus & Shuman, Phil Spector, Tommy Durden, Red West, Mark James, Tony Joe White and publisher Freddy Bienstock. "Writing for the King" is a fascinating behind-the-scenes story of politics, money, inspiration and great trivia about Elvis and the songs he turned into classics.
Included is a CD of previously unreleased RCA recordings of Elvis performing live in Las Vegas (1969 through 1972) plus a second CD with a selection of the original demos submitted to Elvis. The demo CD takes us from "Heartbreak Hotel" through classics like "Teddy Bear", "Trouble", "Burning Love" and "Way Down".

Source: EIN / ElvisMatters


11 November 2006

We Remember, Elvis by Wanda June Hill.

This book has been re-released and revised with additional sections added, because after 25 years, Elvis' dignity has been torn up time after time, by people who didn't know him, judged him and what he stood for by their own imperfections, desires and delusions for what ever gain they received. He has been one of the most misunderstood and vilified entertainers of his time and for the most part after his death. In this book, We Remember, Elvis many people who did know him, who had personal contact with the man, more than the entertainer have come together to tell their stories and in doing so, let Elvis reveal himself in ways he never was allowed to do while living.

Source: Amazon.com

11 November 2006

"How Great Thou Art" Project.

The "How Great Thou Art" Project in association with L.A.M. Productions are proud to announce

Elvis, How Great Thou Art A Portrait of the Artist.

Elvis, How Great Thou Art, A Portrait of the Artist adapted from the book, The Memphis Lullaby is a documentary portrait commemorating the artist Elvis Aaron Presley's Musical, Cultural and Historical legacy.
For the first time, his artistic legacy has been collated to illustrate Elvis Presley's artistry and his contribution to the arts from 1954 to 2005 . Linda Ann McConnell's debut film, Elvis, How Great Thou Art, A Portrait of the Artist was premiered at the Glasgow Film Theatre in Scotland on the 29th anniversary of Elvis' death on the 16th Aug 2006. The film received a standing ovation...

Exclusive showing of the Film.
To tie in with the Elvis Arts Exhibition on Balcony 1,' How Great Thou Arts'. 26th October 2006 - January 14th 2007 . We are delighted to announce that there is an exclusive showing of the film at the Museum of Modern Art, Glasgow, Gallery 2, on Thursday 9 th November and Thursday 14 th December at 6.30pm. This is a free event. All welcome.

The 'How Great Thou Art' Project is a not-for-profit organisation whose mandate is to present art that will inform, inspire and entertain.

11 November 2006

Tunzi books sold out.

Sold out (at least by the publisher), are the JAT books Charro, Hawaii '61, Elvis The Documentaries and Sessions III.

Source: JAT Publishing ...

6 August 2006

New German and French Elvis books.

In Germany, Bosworth Music GmbH will release the German edition of Careless Love by Peter Guralnick (paperback, ISBN 3865431070). Release date is set for August. In February this year they also released the German edition of Last Train to Memphis.

Also in August, Bosworth Music GmbH will re-release Elvis - Story und Songs Kompakt (paperback, 160 pages, ISBN 3865432301).

Publisher Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf released in June a second edition of the book Elvis Presley - Ein Leben fur den Rock'n'Roll. Die Fotochronik der Karriere (paperback, 320 pages, ISBN 3896024353).

In October, Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf will release the German edition of Elvis at 21: Elvis im Alter von 21 Jahre: Von New York nach Memphis (hardback, 300 pages, ISBN 3896027263).

A German edition of Tara McAdams' book Elvis Handbook will be released in November by Collection Rolf Heyne (hardback, 432 pages, ISBN 3899103289).

Also published by Collection Rolf Heyne are the book(s) from Jim Piazza, "Elvis Presley - The King". They come with three different covers: black (ISBN 3899103181), gold (ISBN 3899103173) and white (ISBN 389910319X). Release is set for October.

In France, the French translation of Alanna Nash' book The Colonel "Le colonnel : L'homme dans l'ombre d'Elvis" will be published by Stanké in September (paperback, ISBN: 2760410269).

2 August 2006

Elvis Book Month on EIN.

August 2006 is "Elvis Book Month" on EIN: Throughout August 2006 EIN will be highlighting the vast 2000 strong Elvis library comprised of non-fiction, fiction and specialist publications. They will:
- have reviews of new Elvis book releases
- publish various articles about the Elvis book phenomenon
- look at the bibliographies for prolific Elvis authors and publishers including Ger Rijff, Joseph Tunzi, Sean Shaver and Bill Burk - present an interview or two with Elvis book authors
- run a competition with several Elvis books as prizes
- look at the rarest Elvis books ever published
- publish various Elvis book covers
- PLUS much more. Access EIN's "Elvis Book Month" page ...

30 July 2006

New books announced.

"Elvis, My Best Man" new book by George Klein: According to the Elvis Australia site Memphis Mafia member, George Klein is writing a new memoir about his friendshgip with Elvis. Due out in late 2007-early 2008 George says" He was best man at my wedding. That's the working title. It will be from day one, from the first meeting in 1948 until today. It will have inside stories that people don't know and pictures people have never seen. You'll hear the whole, true story. I waited because there were so many books and stories that came out about Elvis after he died and into the eighties and I just didn't want to get caught up in that circus".
Source: EIN

New JAT book in December: The next photobook release from the Joseph Tunzi stable will be "Elvis Starring In Oklahoma". It is due for release in December.
Source: EIN

New Ger Rijff book for release in 2007: Ger Rijff has told EIN that he is working on a new book based around Elvis' third film, Jailhouse Rock. Ger says the book should be released in the spring of 2007 (northern hemisphere time). Ger has previously produced the superb release Inside Jailhouse Rock.
Source: EIN, Ger Rijff

"Elvis In Hawaii 2": Jerry Hopkins is working on a follow up to his book Elvis In Hawaii. Here for he is looking for photographs that could be interesting for this second volume. The follow up to the first volume will probably be a pocket size book. If you have photographs you want to share, you can contact the publisher / author through this address: info at elvisinhawaii.com.
Source: EIN, Elvis In Hawaii /Elvis News

"Elvis in Germany": A 496 page 50th anniversary editon of "Bravo" will be issued in July 2006. Bravo is a German (pop) magazine targeting mainly teenagers. "Bravo 1956-2006" will have a special "Elvis in Deutschland" chapter.
Source: EIN

Sonny West inks book deal with Triumph/Random House: Sonny West, Elvis Presley's longtime bodyguard and charter member of the Memphis Mafia, has signed a publishing deal with Triumph/Random House for his upcoming book, "Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business."
Source: EIN

27 June 2006

The Forgotten Family of Elvis Presley by Rob Hines.

"The Forgotten Family of Elvis Presley is based on the life of Elvis' aunt Lois Smith and Uncle Johnnie Smith ( Brother of Gladys Presley ). In a book written " Elvis A-Z " the author has stated that Johnnie was never married. My friends in this book you will meet the wife and five children of Johnnie Smith."

Release date: July 2006.

Source: EIN, AuthorHouse (paperback, ISBN: 1425946224)

19 June 2006

Elvis Presley : A Biography by Kathleen Tracy.

Almost 30 years after his death, Elvis Presley remains one of the most influential performers and recognized pop culture icons the world over. His then-unprecedented musical style-a fusion of blues, country, pop, bluegrass, and gospel-ushered in the age of rock n' roll and paved the way for generations of musicians and singers to follow. This biography will offer a seldom seen glimpse into the life of Elvis, tracing his family life, musical career, films, and legacy. The volume closes with a timeline and bibliography.

About the Author
KATHLEEN TRACY is a Los Angeles-based journalist. She is the author of over 20 titles, including The Boy Who Would Be King: An Intimate Portrait of Elvis Presley by His Cousin (1990). Her work has also been featured in A&E Biography Magazine and Variety.

Release date: November 2006.

Source: Greenwood Press (hardback, ISBN: 0313338272)

18 June 2006

Insiders' Guide to Memphis by Nicky Robertshaw and Rebecca Finlayson.

Now in it's third revision, this Insiders' Guide to Memphis will be released in October.
Visitors planning a trip to Memphis will find this comprehensive guide indispensable. Get the inside scoop on all of Memphis's musical attractions, including Elvis's Graceland and the Gibson Guitar Factory, and find out the best places to sleep, eat, and play in the city known as "the Home of the Blues and the Birthplace of Rock and Roll."

(Globe Pequot Press, paperback, 336 pages, ISBN: 0-7627-4185-6)

Source: Globe Pequot Press

10 June 2006

Elvis: Remembering August 16, 1977 by Spike Collamore and Michael Best.

ELVIS: Remembering August 16, 1977 ELVIS IS DEAD!!! The three unspeakable words that his family and friends and, of course, his fans never had expected to hear in their lifetime, but they did on August 16, 1977. The King of Roll-n-Roll is dead. Since then his family and friends have written and spoken about their years with Elvis and the tragic August 1977 days. At the same time his fans had kept silent until NOW ...Why now? They strongly feel it's time to share their precious thoughts and feelings about Elvis and his untimely death with others throughout the world. When reading each of the stories, there is a strong but special love affair between Elvis and his fans which had begun in the 1950s and still into the 21st century. For his fans, the special love Elvis gave will always be there and will never be broken.

(AuthorHouse, paperback, 132 pages, ISBN: 1425915302)

Source: AuthorHouse

3 June 2006

Elvis Cinema and Popular Culture by Douglas Brode.

Author Douglas Brode has advised EIN that his book, "Elvis Cinema & Popular Culture", is now officially in print. Distribution of copies to book stores in the US and online suppliers such as Amazon will begin shortly and hopefully copies will be available to buy before the scheduled date of 30 June 2006.

Source: EIN

27 May 2006

Price of select Elvis book titles rising.

ElvisBookResearch reports that in the past 12 months the prices paid for select Elvis book titles has risen significantly. In particular, the following books have seen a particularly good rise in what fans are willing to pay for them:
  Memoir: "Elvis & Kathy" (Kathy Westmoreland) 150%
  Photobook titles by Joseph Tunzi 25%
  Select titles by Paul Lichter 25%
  Titles by Ger Rijff 20%
  Titles by Sean Shaver 15. ElvisBookResearch reports that while certain titles and authors are attractive to buyers, the majority of Elvis books listed on ebay fail to sell, even those priced very low. ElvisBookResearch tracked the sale of Elvis books on ebay from 1 April 2005 to 31 March 2006.

Source: ElvisBookResearch, EIN

27 May 2006

Over The Fence - A neighbor's memories of Elvis by Sara Erwin.

This new 2006 edition contains an extra 'updated' chapter along with photographs from Russ Howe. Sara Erwin grew up in the shadow of Graceland in Memphis. After spending some years teaching English in Huntsville, Alabama she returned to her home in the Graceland sub-division. The house, where she still lives today, was built by her parents in 1960, and holds many incredible and exciting stories of its famous neighbor.
Read Sara's memories of the years she spent living just yards from the Graceland mansion.

Source: EIN, Essential Elvis

27 May 2006

Double Trouble by Elvis Matters.

ElvisMatters will release their next book, entitled "Double Trouble", on December 1, 2006. The book tells the true story behind the movie, and focuses on interviews with co-stars, a ton of pictures, news paper clippings, facts and figures. In the movie, Elvis (Guy Lambert) visits Belgium - Bruges, Antwerp, Damme - and the UK (London).

Source: Elvis Matters

21 May 2006

Elvis Decoded by Patrick Lacy.

The book is presented in a Q&A format, and offers an examination and comparison of the numerous Elvis source materials. Also included in the book is the author's own research into other topics that have remained largely unaddressed since Elvis's death in 1977.

Source: EIN, Elvis Decoded

11 May 2006

Elvis collection for sale.

Elvis expert David Neale is selling a large part of his book collection and other Elvis memorabilia. More info can be found on his website ...

1 April 2006

The King. Elvis Leeft! by Rich Koslowski.

The Dutch version of "Elvis The King" by Rich Koslowski will be released in May 2006 (paperback, 264 pages, ISBN 90-77766-21-9).

Source: Uitgeverij Xtra.

1 April 2006

Elvis: A Biography by Jerry Hopkins.

Jerry Hopkins's Elvis: A Biography was the first book on popular music to top the U.S. bestseller list, and its sequel was equally popular. Long out of print, both books, along with a wealth of exciting new interviews, are brought together in Elvis to form the most exhaustive account available of the King's life. Telling the complete story of Presley's rise and fall, from his poverty-stricken childhood in Tupelo through his musical development and emergence as pop's first superstar to his decline and death, the book explores Presley's singular appeal, his far-reaching influence, and his extraordinary legacy. Featuring newly published firsthand interviews with people close to Elvis - including high school teachers, girlfriends, directors, agents, recording engineers, bodyguards, sidemen, karate instructors, medical professionals, and even his personal jeweler - Elvis presents a comprehensive and amazingly intimate look at this cultural icon.

Details: Plexus Publishing (UK), paperback 400 pages, ISBN: 0859653919. (September 2006)

More info: Plexus Publishing

1 April 2006

Inside G.I. Blues by Elvis Unlimited.

Inside G.I. Blues will apparently follow the line of similar projects from Ger Rijff. This Elvis Unlimited production should contain 100 pages with colour and b&w pictures from the movie and over 200 rare and unpublished photos. The first 2000 copies will be released as a Limited Deluxe Edition with a 45 rpm vinyl single and DVD.

More info: Elvis Unlimited

1 April 2006

Elvis As The One Called Charro! by Joe Tunzi.

JAT Productions will release its latest book "Elvis As The One Called Charro!" in April. A limited number of copies will have a bonus CD containing radio spots and interviews. The 96 page book will contain over 150 photographs in color and black & white and feature documents and informative text pertaining to the film.

More info: JAT Publishing ...

1 April 2006

Last Train to Memphis - Elvis Presley - Sein Aufstieg 1935-1958 by Peter Guralnick.

The German version of Last Train to Memphis was released in February.

Info: Bosworth Musikverlag, paperback, 641 pages, ISBN 3865430961.

18 February 2006

Elvis: American Idol by Susan Doll.

"Elvis: American Idol" book was released last week: Bill Burk tells us: "Susan Doll's latest Elvis book will be in our hands early next week, just as EW79 goes to the printers. It's hardcover. 320 Pages. Loaded with little-known Elvis facts as only Suzie can uncover (as she has been doing via a number of high quality books dating back to at least 1985). Photos galore!

Source: EIN

18 February 2006

Elvis em Turnê.

The Brazilian fan club, "Elvis Presley's World" will release a series of three books that deal with Elvis's career. In 2005, the first book was released, called "O Rei de Las Vegas", which it described, in detail, Elvis in Las Vegas. In 2006, the second volume of this collection, called "Elvis em Turnê", has been released. This book deals with all of Elvis's tours in the seventies.

Source: Burning Star / EIN

21 January 2006

Elvis: From New York to Memphis by Alfred Wertheimer.

This hardcover release will be published by Welcome Books in August 2006. No description as yet, but obviously will feature Wertheimer's candid photos of Elvis from the 50s. ISBN:1933784016. The publisher is also releasing a limited edition which Amazon has listed for sale at a cool US$595.00! The limited edition apparently has an extra 26 pages and a release date of September 19, 2006. (ISBN:1933784113).

Source: EIN / ElvisBookResearch

2 January 2006

Elvis Presley - Desert Storm: The Shattering Of A Myth! by Darrin Lee.

Darrin Lee finished the second edition of this book. it wil be released on 20th January 2006. Major contributors to the project include Elvis expert Mike Eder who wrote two insightful articles, talented graphic artist Chris Middleton who created the fantastic covers, and writer Jackie McCaffery [Harrow Observer] who composed an extraordinary introductory piece. The OEPFC of Great Britain's lovely Anne E. Nixon also deserves special recognition, as the import-ance of her writing and source tapes can't be overstated.

Source: ElvisConcertMyths.com

1 January 2006

Life Lessons from Elvis by Anthony Rubino Jr.

From the publisher:
"Life Lessons from Elvis is a long overdue book that allows Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll, or whatever you want to call him, to share things his life has taught him such as:
- The right cape can be very slimming.
- Never wear metal-based fabric in a thunderstorm.
- Gyrate responsibly.
- There's nothing like the look in your little girl's eyes when you present her with her very first monogrammed golf cart.
- You've got to be firm with children, especially when they're your wife.
- Your hair can be downright 'pompadourable' if you comb it just right."

Released in July 2006 by Rutledge Hill Press. Hardback, 160 pages, ISBN 1-40160-248-7.

Source: Rutledge Hill Press

1 January 2006

All Elvis, Vol. 2 by Elvis Unlimited.

Two years after Elvis Unlimited published the book All Elvis are a follow up in the making. This second volume will be made after the concept as the first volume. You will find more than 150 rare and unpublished pictures in All Elvis 2. If you like the first All Elvis then make sure to get the follow up. You won't be disappointed!

Source: Elvis Unlimited

1 January 2006

Memphis Recording Service Vol. 2 1955 'The Rise of Elvis Presley' by The Memphis Recording Service.

The Memphis Recording Service will release a follow up to its current release "Memphis Recording Service Vol. 1 1953-1954 " in 2006. Volume 2 on 1955 will be titled "The Rise Of Elvis Presley Vol. 2 1955". It will contain a book with more unpublished photos, a DVD and a 45rpm pressing from the original SUN 223 master mother stamper of "Mystery Train".

Source: Joseph Pirzada, EIN

1 January 2006

The Beginning Of Elvis Presley - The Birth Of Rock n' Roll Volume 1 1953-1954 by Joseph Pirzada and John Michael Heath.

This book has been released in December 2005. All Elvis distributors have exhausted their stocks with only a few hundred copies left available. Later this week, all HMV and independent stores in the UK will have a limited supply in stock until the second run and edition, available in February 2006. The HMV stores, as a chain, have exclusivity until the New Year including its websites although WHSmith do have it listed on their site, at an inflated 40 UK Pound a copy. Other store chains will have copies available when the second edition is out.

Source: Joseph Pirzada, EIN

1 January 2006

Elvis à Tesori E Ricordi by Robert Gordon.

The Italian edition of Robert Gordon's book "Elvis 1935-1977" was released in Italy by WhiteStar in December 2005. The book, with a new cover, comes in a 22 x 31 cm. format with 64 pages in color (ISBN: 3442309859).

Source: Elvis News

1 January 2006

The Blue Moon Boys - The Story of Elvis Presley's Band by Ken Burke and Dan Griffin.

Due for release in late August 2006 is this new book by Ken Burke and Dan Griffin. The 320 page hardcover from Chicago Review Press will be an insider's look of how the band worked and will feature a comprehensive look at the post-Elvis careers of Scotty, Bill and DJ. It will include several previously unpublished photos. ISBN: 1556526148.

From the publisher:
"Boasting never-before-told stories of life on the road with a young Elvis, this comprehensive guide to Elvis' band gives an insider's view of how the band worked with him onstage, in the studio, and in movies, and features the first comprehensive look at their post-Presley lives and careers. Band members Scotty Moore, D. J. Fontana, and Bill Black created the Sun sound with Elvis, influencing such legendary performers as Ringo Starr, George Harrison, John Fogerty, and Charlie Watts. Based on interviews with Moore, Fontana, and the family of the late Bill Black, this resource provides first-hand insights that have never before seen print, as well as several previously unpublished photographs. Extensive coverage of the entire history of the band makes this book is a must for Elvis fans, rockabilly aficionados, and anyone interested in the early history of rock 'n' roll."

Source: Chicago Review Press

January 1, 2006

A Happy New Year!


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