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News 2007

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For the complete release schedule of 2007 see Books in print.

News items:

December 9 : Wees Niet Wreed (Don't Be Cruel) by John Schoorl and Kees 't Hart
December 9 : Elvis' Graceland - The Way It Was by Joseph Pirzada
December 9 : Almost Graceland by Steve Carlson
November 25 : Inside Graceland by Elvis Unlimited
November 24 : Eric Braun died
November 11 : Elvis: From Memphis to Hollywood by Alan Fortas and Alanna Nash
November 4 : Ancestors of "Elvis Aaron Presley" by Lorina Bolig
October 7 : Der King in Deutschland 1958 - 1960 by Heinrich Burk and Hans-Ulrich Elter
October 7 : Elvis, Sherlock and Me by Michael Hoey
August 25 : The Resurrection of the King by Bruce L. Kearns
August 25 : Elvis Jumpsuits: All Access
August 25 : King for a Day by Erin Feinberg
August 25 : The Gospel of Elvis review by David Neale
August 25 : Elvis Corazón Solitario by Javier Márquez Sánchez
August 25 : Elvis For Evigt by John Alvarez Taylor
August 20 : 50 Ans avec Elvis - 2nd ed. by Jean-Marie Pouzenc
August 3 : Presleyana VI by Jerry Osborne
August 2 : Elvis à Paris by Jean Marie Pouzenc - update
August 2 : Elvis Takes a Back Seat by Leanna Ellis
August 2 : Growing Up In The Shadow Of A King by Roger Loyd
July 29 : Health and Happiness Elvis Style by Kristi Weldon
July 29 : Elvis the Biography - cover update by Jerry Hopkins
July 29 : Inside Graceland
July 29 : Wanda June Hill talks to EIN
July 29 : Elvis '56: In The Beginning by Alfred Wertheimer
July 29 : Beryl's Cove and the Elvis Man by Janet McCanless
July 29 : Sergeant Elvis Presley In Grafenwöhr by Peter Heigl
July 27 : Elvis live at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe by Sue McCasland
July 26 : Elvis on Tour '75 released by Sandi Pichon
July 22 : 'Inside The Dream' The Jimmy Velvet Story by Jimmy Velvet
July 21 : Elvis: in the twilight of memory - book review by June Juanico
July 21 : Elvis - Muziek Mens Mythe by Marc Hendrickx
July 8 : Elvis '57: The Final Fifties Tours by Alan Hanson
July 8 : "Elvis Is Back" to be released 10 July
June 23 : Elvis à Paris by Jean Marie Pouzenc
June 14 : Follow Me To Tennessee released by Andrew Hearn
June 14 : Elvis: A King In The Making by Alfred Wertheimer (update)
June 10 : Author Dirk Vellenga passed away
June 10 : The Gospel Side Of Elvis - review
June 9 : Tupelo's Own released
June 1 : Book of Marc Hendrickx postponed
June 1 : Dixieland Delight
June 1 : "Elvis Is Back" boxset near completion
May 28 : Elvis, Mon Amour by Priscilla Beaulieu-Presley
May 28 : Remember Elvis by Joe Esposito
May 28 : Contract With The King by Paul Pullen
May 22 : Elvis Has Left America by Eric Roux Fontaine and Helen Spillane
May 22 : What If? A Second Chance for Elvis Presley by Roger Hannah
May 22 : Le Roman Des Amours d'Elvis by Patrick Mahé
May 22 : Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley by Joseph Pirzada
May 22 : Elvis A Biography by Jerry Hopkins
May 22 : Steven Chanzes writing new book
May 22 : The Elvis Conspiracy? by Dick Grob
May 22 : Elvis Presley - A Life by Bobbie Ann Mason
May 22 : Elvis Straight Up by Joe Esposito
May 22 : Elvis In Nederland by Rob van Scheers
May 22 : The Little Book of Elvis by Trevor Baker
May 22 : Elvis: In the Beat of the Night by Robert Ferguson
May 22 : Elvis, Linda & Me - collector's edition by Jeanne Lemay Dumas
May 13 : Elvis: A King In The Making by Alfred Wertheimer
February 22 : Elvis - In the Twilight of Memory by June Juanico
February 22 : Aloha Elvis by Jerry Hopkins
February 17 : Elvis Is Back - 1960 by Elvis Unlimited
February 17 : Inside Double Trouble by Peter Verbruggen
February 5 : Inside Roustabout by Megan Murphy
January 22 : Up Close: Elvis Presley by Wilborn Hampton
January 22 : Elvis Treasures by Robert Gordon
January 22 : Two new books announced by Praytome Publishing
January 22 : Paternity Suit Book & DVD now available by Praytome Publishing
January 22 : Elvis Presley by Marie Clayton
January 8 : Double Trouble book ready in April
January 6 : Elvis A. Presley - Music Man Myth Reissue by Marc Hendrickx
January 6 : Memoirs of Linda and Sam Thompson
January 4 : Elvis Presley Words The Complete Lyrics Volume 9
January 3 : Elvis Straight Up by Joe Esposito
January 3 : Library Journal reviews Jerry Schilling memoir
January 2 : Paternity Suit Book & DVD by Praytome Publishing
January 2 : Celebrate Elvis - Volume 1 by Joe Esposito
January 1 : A Happy New Year!

December 9, 2007

Wees Niet Wreed (Don't Be Cruel) by John Schoorl and Kees 't Hart

 Elvis in Poetry - Elvis is taken to the intellectual level in Holland: On Monday January 28th, 2008 a Poetry Festival, 'Weerwoord Festival', will be headlining poets about Elvis Presley. Location: Paradiso, Amsterdam

80 (famous) writers have made poems about Elvis Presley that will be presented in a book called 'Wees Niet Wreed' (or: Don't Be Cruel). The book is compiled by two very acknowledged writers: John Schoorl and Kees 't Hart. John Schoorl is journalist for one of Hollands leading newspapers, De Volkskrant. In 2005 he has won the 'Pop Press Prize' for his book 'Een Soulman In De Achterhoek'. He also writes for highstandard popmagazines such as 'Heaven' and 'Wah Wah'. Kees't Hart is a famous writer in the Netherlands, winning several important prizes over the years. The last one being the 'Multatuliprize' in 2002 for his novel 'De Revue'.

The book will be released by: Uitgeverij Nijgh & Van Ditmar - ISBN number: 90-388-9033-8

Source: EIN / Rogier van Luyken

December 9, 2007

Elvis' Graceland - The Way It Was by Joseph Pirzada

After a series of stunning releases, the MRS group is hard at work on its latest project, "Elvis' Graceland - The Way It Was".

This time it is a high quality, coffee table hardcover book showcasing images of Elvis' beloved mansion, Graceland. EIN is told that the book will contain hundreds of pages and many hundreds of rare and/or previously unpublished photographs all from original negatives and transparencies, including visuals of not only the mansion, but Elvis, Linda Thompson, Elvis' cars, the Trophy Room, even the bedroom.....and a lot more.

The release date for "Elvis' Graceland - The Way It Was" is yet to be finalized.

Source: EIN / MRS

December 9, 2007

Almost Graceland by Steve Carlson

 Steve Carlson has been an actor for thirty-eight years, appearing in numerous television series and films, as well as in hundreds of commercials. He recently published his first two books, both guides for actors. Now he has turned his attention to Elvis and fiction.

Ray Johnston, a forty one-year-old truck driver in Memphis, had long ago got tired of everyone telling him how much he looked like Elvis. When his mother died, Ray found some journals she'd written and learned that he was adopted. While looking into it, he discovered he was born in the same hospital and even had the same birthday as Elvis Presley! All these coincidences...could he really be the twin brother of the most famous man on the planet?What should he do with this information? Would anyone believe him? What would people think? What would Elvis think? Ray learns this and a lot more in the uneasy relationship that begins when the two men meet. As different as they are, their similarities are unmistakable. Getting to accept each other as brothers is a rocky road, not helped by Elvis' shaky health, his lifestyle, or his ego. But, a budding relationship will hold surprises for both.

Source: David Neale / Thomas Dunne Books

November 25, 2007

Inside Graceland by Elvis Unlimited

 As a special addition to the "Inside" series from Elvis Unlimited will a book titled Inside Graceland be release in early December 2007.

"Inside Graceland is the book that every Elvis fan has been waiting for.
Inside Graceland bring you on a pictorial journey back to the time when Elvis Presley - the biggest entertainer in the history of popular music lived in the mansion.
What you can find on the 112 pages of never before seen pictures is that the foyer, the living room, the dining room and even the jungle room has changed a lot since Elvis died.
What you will see here for the fist time in print is the red Ludwig XV style rooms that were installed in 1974.
More than half of the pictures were shot in 1975. Elvis' girlfriend from 1972-75 Linda Thompson takes the photographer on a tour through the house. The rest of the pictures were shot after August 1977, with several of them right after Elvis died and around the time of the opening of Graceland. Apart from the unique pictures the book is also filled with quotes from the people who were there in the 1970's.
The pictures in the book are from the collection of the mega Elvis collector Sherif Hanna. The well informative text in the book has been written by Megan Murphy. You will also find quotes from well know persons like Linda Thompson, Sandi Miller, Nobert Putnam and others.
Don't miss this unique chance to travel back in time and visit Elvis' home in the 1970's.

Release date December 10, 2007.

Source: Elvis Unlimited

November 24, 2007

Showbiz writer Eric Braun died

 Eric Braun, one of Britain's most famous showbiz writers, has died at the age of 86 at Brinsworth House, the Entertainment Artistes Benevolent Home in Middlesex. He began his career as a an assistant film director in the 1940s and went on to write bestselling biographies of Doris Day, Elvis Presley ("The Elvis Film Encyclopedia") and Deborah Kerr. He also co-authored three books with the actress and comedienne Beryl Reid.

Eric Braun wrote "The Elvis Film Encyclopedia" (ISBN: 9780879518141 / ISBN10: 0879518146) which was issued in the UK by B.T. Batsford Ltd. and in the US by Penguin Books in 1997.

Source: The Stage / EvisNews.com

November 11, 2007

Elvis: From Memphis to Hollywood by Alan Fortas and Alanna Nash

 Announced for April 2008 is the re-issue of Alan Fortas' book "Elvis: From Memphis to Hollywood". The first edition was published in 1992.

"When in June 1968, clad in black leather, a nervous Elvis Presley made his television "Comeback Special", Alan Fortas was one of the five friends asked to be on stage with him.Fortas ultimately spent nearly twelve years working for Elvis, having been asked to join his fraternity of bodyguards and close buddies that came to be known as "The Memphis Mafia" back in 1958. He lived, travelled and played hard with Elvis during that time, watching Elvis become increasingly disillusioned with the endless stream of movies he was forced to act in, saw him become increasingly reliant on drugs, and witnessed Elvis' colourful sex life. The only other memoir of Elvis that can offer such genuine inside knowledge and intimacy is "Elvis and the Memphis Mafia", by three other members of his bodyguard fraternity, which "Uncut" magazine acclaimed as "the best Elvis book written to date", and which Aurum has already re-published and seen reprint four times. Now it re-issues Alan Fortas' book, which has been out of print for over ten years."

To be published by Aurum Press Ltd in April 2008 (paperback, 322 pages, ISBN: 1845133226 / 978-1845133221).

November 4, 2007

Ancestors of "Elvis Aaron Presley" 50 Generations The Unofficial Genealogy by Lorina Bolig

 Ancestors of "Elvis Aaron Presley" is a unique look at Elvis's heritage. He has many interesting Ancestors. He has many Royal Lines. For anyone who wants to know if they are related too. The Author has found she is his 8th cousin once removed. You too, could be related.

EIN will shortly publish our review of what is a very different Elvis book, but one all Elvis historians will want to have in their library.

Published in October by CreateSpace (paperback, 482 pages, ISBN 1434811360/978-1434811363).

Source: EIN / Lorina Bolig

October 7, 2007

Der King in Deutschland 1958 - 1960 by Heinrich Burk and Hans-Ulrich Elter

 This book by Heinrich Burk and Hans-Ulrich Elter is announced for October 2008 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of Elvis in Germany.

Source: B+U Verlag ...

October 7, 2007

Elvis, Sherlock & Me by Michael Hoey

 Michael A. Hoey is the son of British actor Dennis Hoey, best remembered for his portrayal of Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard in the Sherlock Holmes films starring Basil Rathbone.
A combination memoir and history of the film business covering the decades from the 40's through the present. Here is an examination of classic Hollywood and such iconic studio bosses as Jack L. Warner, Darryl Zanuck and Walt Disney, plus memorable actors and directors, including John Ford, Fred Zinneman, George Cukor and Elvis Presley, Charlton Heston, Basil Rathbone, Angela Landsbury and Jane Wyman. Filled with the personal recollections of someone who lived it, it is also the story of a father and son, their careers and their turbulent relationship. Interwoven into these stories are numerous historical episodes about Hollywood, Broadway and Television.

Source: Bearmanor Media

August 25, 2007

The Resurrection of the King: The Most Compelling Elvis Is Alive Story Ever Told by Bruce L. Kearns

 This novel was published by Booksurge Llc in June.

Source: Amazon UK

August 25, 2007

Elvis Jumpsuits: All Access

 The first official jumpsuit book that EPE released in combination with the All Access expo in the Sincerely Elvis museum. The softcover book with large size and 36 pages is filled with razor sharp pictures and information about the jumpsuits in the expo. Each rhinestone can be counted on the detailed pictures. A wonderful memory for those who have been there, a must for those who are not able to get there.

Source: Elvis Matters

August 25, 2007

King for a Day by Erin Feinberg

 This book was released in August by Speck Press.

From the Publisher:
Decades after Elvis Presley "left the building", for the last time, his music and American-icon prominence live on through his legions of past, present, and future fans. Among those devotees who stand out as brightly as Elvis' studded jumpsuits are the tribute artists.
Through a deeply personal photographic study, Erin Feinberg focuses on the diverse range of culture, fashion, and persona that Elvis impersonators embrace. By means of one-on-one studio sessions and interviews, King for a Day captures the individuals behind the Elvis facade, coaxing from them their personal connection to Elvis, how they came to this form of entertainment, and how this aspect of their life completes them.
Feinberg explains, "When I first saw a woman break down in tears after an Elvis performer knelt to wrap a scarf around her neck, I began to understand why these impersonators are an enduring part of our culture. It didn't matter that he sang off key - at that moment, the performer and Elvis Presley were one and the same."
Within these pages you will see people from all walks of life, all with a desire to embody a bit of Elvis' spirit. Once these diehard fans slide into the famous black leather ensemble or The Aloha jumpsuit, they're escaping into another world, the everlasting, larger-than-life world of Elvis.
Erin Feinberg is a photographer based in New York City. She studied at Northwestern University's film school and went on to become a producer in the entertainment business. In 2001, she left the production world to pursue her passion for photography full time, earning a Master of Arts degree at NYU and the International Center of Photography. She has since done freelance photography for Rolling Stone, Sipa Press, PBS, Gibson Musical Instruments, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Condé Nast, and The New York Times, among others. Erin's personal work focuses on long-term documentary projects and portrait photography.

Source: Speck Press

August 25, 2007

The Gospel Side Of Elvis review by David Neale

 Elvis expert David Neale wrote a review of this book. Read the review here ...

Source: David Neale

August 25, 2007

Elvis Corazón Solitario by Javier Márquez Sánchez

 The book "Elvis Corazon Solitario" (Elvis Lonely Heart), by Javier Márquez, hit the Spanish bookstands August 16th 2007. The book is published in Spain by Editorial Almuzara. The target of this book is taming the different versions known of Elvis Presley with a pinch of that passion which is needed to understand the man that mainly lived his life to make those around him happy, with a song if possible.

Most probably the boy from Tupelo has more written history about him than any other artists of the 20th Century, maybe with the exception of The Beatles.
The bigger problem facing this task is the surplus of information, which makes it too diffused and exploited, and, thus, the details worth of consideration are lost in the sea of information.
For this particular reason this book does not shed a new light into all what has been said and written in the hundreds of books devoted to Elvis Presley published through the world.
The main target of this book is to filter all the existing information, the testimonies of family and friends, the discoveries made by dedicated historians; and mesh it with a critical analysis of his, mainly, musical and cinematographic career with a pinch of that passion that he had.

Authors biography:
Javier Marquez Sanchez (Seville 1978) is a writer and journalist and worked for several media enterprises in Madrid, Seville and San Sebastian. He was de Deputy Director of Diario 16 and he is a regular contributor of magazines such as Cuadernos para el Diálogo, Aldaketa o Efe Em.

Source: EP Gold

August 25, 2007

Elvis for Evigt by John Alvarez Taylor

 This book is mentioned on various websites but seems to be the same as the one released back in 1993. It is the Danish version of Elvis Forever by the same author and was published in 1991. In 1992 a French version called Elvis Pour Toujours was released. The Dutch version was called Elvis Presley and the German version Stars, Mythen Und Legenden: Elvis Presley. Both the Dutch and German versions were released in 1992.

Source: Various

August 20, 2007

50 Ans avec Elvis - 2nd ed. by Jean-Marie Pouzenc

 The second edition of this french book has been announced. The first edition was released in 2003.

Source: Elvis My Happiness magazine

August 3, 2007

Presleyana VI by Jerry Osborne

 The latest edition of the Jerry Osborne's acclaimed discography & price guide, Presleyana - The Elvis Presley Record, CD & Memorabilia Price Guide (Sixth Edition), is now available.

Presleyana documents his music and memorabilia in much greater detail than any other book - including all speeds and formats of records, CDs, Tapes, and Non-Recorded Memorabilia to this new Edition. Presleyana VI is completely revised from cover to cover! Included in its 344 pages are MANY never-before published photos - over 90% being new. Perhaps you have already noticed the gorgeous Elvis photo, standing in front of Graceland in 1960, as one you have never seen before. It is in print here for the very first time ever!

Previous editions:
Presleyana: The Elvis Presley Record And Price Guide (1980)
Presleyana: The Elvis Presley Record And Price Guide (1983)
Presleyana III: The Elvis Presley Record And Price Guide (1992)
Presleyana IV: The Elvis Presley Record And Price Guide (1997)
Presleyana V: Elvis Presley Record, CD and Memorabilia Price Guide (2002)

Source: Jerry Osborne ...

August 2, 2007

Elvis à Paris by Jean Marie Pouzenc - update

 The renewed version of the picturebook 'Elvis à Paris' was released. This release from the French club 'My Happiness' is a fantastic upgrade off the first release from a few years ago. It's almost unbelievable that such a huge amount of unreleased material has popped up after the first book. The selection of newly discovered pictures was so huge, that after the book was printed, they added an appendix with...even more great pictures.

Source: ElvisMatters / Elvis My Happiness magazine

August 2, 2007

Elvis Takes a Back Seat by Leanna Ellis

 Elvis Takes a Back Seat by award-winning novelist Leanna Ellis is the endearing story of Claudia, a young widow determined to fulfill her husband's last request by hauling a three-foot bust of Elvis Presley in the backseat of a vintage Cadillac from Dallas to Memphis to return it to its rightful owner. The road trip - taken with an eccentric aunt who actually knew the "King of Rock 'n' Roll," and a temperamental teen with a suspicious mind of her own - hits some royal roadblocks and detours as these women uncover pieces of their past along with the bust's mysterious history. What they find along the way changes their lives forever, inspiring readers to also step out in faith.
Release date is set for January 2008.

Source: B&H Publishing Group

August 2, 2007

Growing Up In The Shadow Of A King by Roger Loyd

 Released July 16, 2007 is a book from Roger Loyd, son of the late Harold Loyd who was a security guard at the gates of Graceland from the early sixties until he retired in the early 90's. The book is entitled "Growing Up In The Shadow Of A King". From the press release:
"My fathers mother and Elvis' mother were sisters. Dad spent most of his life growing up with Elvis and his parents in Tupelo before they all moved to Memphis. Needless to say they were very close. Elvis was even the best man when my parents were married. The book contains many great stories about Elvis that have never been told. Stories such as: The time my mom hit Elvis in the head while they were picking cotton, The time when an older Elvis broke a gumball machine in downtown Memphis, then ran to my dads apartment to switch clothes, or visiting with Elvis at Graceland while he was watching the gameshow "The Price is Right". There are too many wonderful stories to fit in this one letter, but I know you will enjoy all of them. I titled my book "Growing Up In The Shadow of a King". It also contains never before seen family photos at Graceland and at Elvis' ranch.

Source: EIN / Elvis Matters / PublishAmerica

July 29, 2007

Health and Happiness Elvis Style by Kristi Weldon

 This book was released in June by Booksurge Publishing.

Book description:
"A great gift book, this collection of platitudes is based on Elvis' life and music. There are 170 pages of helpful hints to shift the way you look at your life, yourself, and your environment. "Chock full" of southern colloquialisms, Health and Happiness Elvis Style is a pleasure to peruse. The author has included ample margins so readers can follow the King's example of making notes in his books. She has also included "instructions" for four different ways of using the text, including tapping into "your inner Elvis." There is something in here for every Elvis fan to enjoy, regardless of age or knowledge.
Visit www.HappyElvis.com to subscribe to the free Happy Elvis newsletter, find out about book signings, and schedule an online "Author Chat".

Source: Amazon.com / www.HappyElvis.com

July 29, 2007

Elvis the Biography - cover update by Jerry Hopkins

 Jerry Hopkins' book 'Elvis: The Biography' will be republished in September. The cover has been updated (see news item 22 May).

The publicity notes:
"Elvis Presley is the biggest single entertainment personality in the history of American popular culture. Thirty years after his death in August 1977, he remains the undisputed King of Rock'n'Roll. His talent, charisma, and good humour endeared him to millions. Known the world over by his first name alone, he remains the foremost iconic figure in popular music. Jerry Hopkins has interviewed all those who were close to Elvis; from high school teachers, classmates, old girlfriends, movie directors, agents, recording engineers and disc jockeys; to close friends, bodyguards, sidemen, karate instructors, his doctor, dentist and personal jeweller, to present a comprehensive portrait of this iconic super-celebrity. "Elvis: The Biography" recounts the complete story of Elvis' rise, fall and posthumous legacy; from his poverty-stricken childhood in Tupelo, Mississippi, through his musical development and emergence as the first pop superstar, to his ultimate ascension to the throne of rock'n'roll. This work explores Elvis' unique appeal, his massive influence on contemporary popular culture and recounts many anecdotes and events that combine to provide a matchless impression of an artist who was - and remains - a genuine legend."

Source: Amazon / Plexus Publishing

July 29, 2007

Inside Graceland

 "Inside Graceland" (PDF edition 2007) takes the reader for a tour through the most visited mansion in the world: Graceland. But different from the actual tour in Memphis, this PDF goes a few steps further, and shows pictures of the upstairs, including the bedroom and bathroom. Extra are the copies or the original sale contract now 50 years ago. To complete the "tour", the other houses that Elvis once owned are included too, from Audubon Drive to Bel Air, and from Lauderdale to Dolan Drive. But be warned: this is a PDF file only, not a book. For now, only available at this link: Elvis Presley News

Source: Elvis Matters

July 29, 2007

Wanda June Hill talks to EIN

 Wanda June Hill, author of We Remember, Elvis recently took time out to speak with EIN correspondent, Susan MacDougall.
In a frank interview, Wanda discusses how her friendship with Elvis came about, issues with the Memphis Mafia, her books, and Elvis' death.

Source: EIN ...

July 29, 2007

Elvis '56: In The Beginning by Alfred Wertheimer

 The 1994 book release by Alfred Wertheimer, Elvis '56: In The Beginning, was reissued on July 5.

Source: Vintage Press

July 29, 2007

Beryl's Cove and the Elvis Man by Janet McCanless

 Another book released in the US earlier this month is the this fiction title by Janet McCanless. It is published by E-BookTime.

"Beryl's Cove is a quaint little fishing village, tourist mecca on the coast of North Carolina. Its inhabitants cater to the tourists that flock to it every year, but, this year is different. Suzanne Coldwell has been a buyer for her parents' antique shop for years, but, they are gone now, and, at age 50, she has to return to her native state to run the business. Hindering her efforts, and, those of her fellow merchants, is a series of vandalisms, and petty thievery."
"On the heels of a big storm that hits the area, is the appearance of a man who deals in Elvis memorabilia, Steve Thomas, from Norfolk. His past is shadowy, and, while falling hard for Suzanne, he seems to disappear just when she needs him the most. Beryl's Cove is suddenly ablaze in a huge fire that destroys the town's landmark, right in the center of all the village businesses. Rallying to assist in putting out the flames, Steve endears himself to Suzanne, just when a body is discovered among the ruins of the historical Murdoch mansion. As our couple fall in love, and, unite as amateur sleuths to solve the mystery of the fire and thefts, you will meet the interesting and quirky folks who live in Beryl's Cove; the gorgeous business partner of Steve's, who threatens Suzanne's self esteem, an Elvis dealer who just can't seem to get her name right, and an adorable cat named Elvis. Come along for an enjoyable adventure, and meet the citizens of Beryl's Cove, North Carolina."

Source: EIN ...

July 29, 2007

Sergeant Elvis Presley In Grafenwöhr by Peter Heigl

 Here is the cover art of the book "Sergeant Elvis Presley In Grafenwöhr". This book by Peter Heigl will be published by Buch und Kunstverlag in German and English any day now. The subject of the book is a field training Elvis did with Company C in Grafenwöhr (Bayern) near the Czech border.

Source: Elvis Club Berlin


July 27, 2007

Elvis live at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe by Sue McCasland

 With Elvis Week still ahead of us, another book has been announced for 2008. "Elvis at Del Webb's Sahara Tahoe" promises to be a book on the King's performances in Lake Tahoe, generally known as America's second Las Vegas. Author Sue McCasland got help for this project from Joseph Krein. Published by Praytome, Germany.

Source: Elvis Matters

July 26, 2007

Elvis on Tour '75 by Sandi Pichon

 Sandi Pichon's book "Elvis on Tour '75" has been sent the last couple of days to all the dealers Worlwide!

Source: Elvis Matters

July 22, 2007

'Inside The Dream' The Jimmy Velvet Story by Jimmy Velvet

 Jimmy Velvet's brand new book will be specially shipped to Memphis for Elvis Week. Printed on quality paper and with 288 pages it features more than 1000 never published photos as well as 100 Radio Station Charts explaining Jimmy's musical career. 'Inside The Dream' is delightfully described as "An over-sized coffee table book that pulls the reader personally into each decade of this historical blast from the past. You'll find yourself saying over and over, 'I remember when ...' as you turn each page and watch the past 50 years of entertainment history come back to life." Jimmy Velvet was a friend to Elvis as well as his father Vernon. The book cover alone features 91 stars that Jimmy came to know. To meet Jimmy Velvet during Elvis Week - with a chance to buy his book and personally signed photos of him and Elvis - get to the main lobby of the Clarion Hotel near Graceland.

Read EIN's interview with Jimmy Velvet here ... and for more info go to the Inside The Dream ...

July 21, 2007

Elvis: in the twilight of memory - book review by June Juanico

 June Juanico holds the distinction of having been one of Elvis' girlfriends in the mid 1950s as he became famous. Susan MacDougall offers her views on Ms Juanico's impressive memoir. With subjects as diverse as food, sex and how Colonel Parker tried to sabotage their relationship, Elvis: in the twilight of memory is a thoughtful, well-written book giving us a window onto events in a pivotal year of Elvis's life when he was on the brink of fame and fortune.

Source: EIN

July 21, 2007

Elvis - Muziek Mens Mythe by Marc Hendrickx

 The "Elvis Bible" 'Elvis - Muziek Mens Mythe' by Belgian author Marc Hendrickx will be available in two versions, both in Dutch. Both books are identical (700 pages, hard cover, hundreds of pictures and a news-update to July 2007, including future plans), but the packaging is different.

The Deluxe edition (see picture) comes in a special box with a hologram-like picture and contains the book, the 2DVD set 'The Early Years' and the documentary 'The Last 24 Hours'. While the Dutch book stores will only have the Deluxe edition, the Belgian buyers can choose between the box set and just the book.

Source: Elvis Matters

July 8, 2007

Elvis '57: The Final Fifties Tours by Alan Hanson

 Drawing on first-hand accounts from the disc jockeys on the front lines of Elvis's exploding career and fans who attended the '57 concerts, Hanson sweeps you back to the year that forever changed the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

From the publisher:
In 1957, Elvis Aron Presley was still a one man phenomenon with six titles on the charts, one movie to his credit, and two movies soon to follow. But while he pursued his dream of becoming a Hollywood actor, the military draft threatened to shatter it along with his wildly successful rock 'n' roll career. Elvis couldn't resist the excitement he found performing on stage before swarms of shrieking teenage girls, and in that final year before he entered the U.S. Army, he went back on the road for three short tours.

Elvis '57 recalls that magical year when the King played to audiences a quarter of a million people strong, and controversy and pandemonium accompanied him wherever he went. Alan Hanson takes us for a rollicking ride through eighteen major cities in the United States and Canada as he chronicles the most exciting tours of Elvis's career. In Chicago, Elvis wore his famed gold lame suit and thirteen girls fainted in an effort to reach him. In Vancouver, British Columbia, thousands left their seats and rushed the stage, forcing him to abruptly end the show.

Published in June.

Source: iUniverse.com

July 8, 2007

"Elvis Is Back" to be released 10 July

 Elvis Is Back the upcoming book from Elvis Unlimited will be released on Tuesday July 10, 2007. The book has now been printed and the bookbinder is working on it at the moment.

The book will like the two "Inside" boxes come in a a box including a vinyl single, dvd, post cards and a certificate. The book will be thicker and the dvd will be much longer than in the two previous boxes.

Elvis Is Back will be about Elvis' return to the music scene in 1960. This year was a bittersweet one for Elvis. He was being discharged from the Army. Music had changed in two years and he was a little insecure about his music career. Yet he enters the sessions with such ambition and determination. He delivers a new mature diverse voice. "It's Now Or Never" and "Surrender" are truly challenging for Elvis. He proofs himself to be a truly talented singer and not just a flash in the pan. These recording sessions will forever stand out in Elvis' history.

It's almost as if Elvis hit the ground running upon his return. The Colonel had been busy preparing for Elvis' return for a very long time. Not only were the recording sessions lined up, an appearance on the ABC televised Frank Sinatra Special and the filming for "G.I. Blues" were immediately following.

His appearance on the Sinatra Special is warmly received by the public. Elvis innocently steals the show from Sinatra. Yet the repertoire between the two performers is very apparent. "G.I. Blues" is a very successful film for Elvis although Elvis hates being in uniform again.

During this year, Elvis is also experiencing many changes in his personal life. Elvis has met Priscilla while in Germany. But he returns to his long time girlfriend Anita Wood. They continue their relationship where it left off before Elvis left for Germany. Vernon marries Dee, which is hard on Elvis because of the loss of his mother. Elvis also brings many of his friends from Germany home and the Memphis Mafia is formed.

But still the most important thing during the year 1960 is the amazing recording sessions. We have two incredible albums from this year, "Elvis Is Back" and "His Hand In Mine." Elvis truly proves his ability as a performer. He conquers every challenge he is faced with and proves Elvis is back!

Elvis Is Back will include many never before seen pictures from this period. There will even be some very interesting ones from the filming of G.I. Blues. Those were not used in the Inside G.I. Blues book.

Source: Elvis Unlimited

June 23, 2007

Elvis à Paris by Jean Marie Pouzenc

 President Jean Marie Pouzenc from our friends in France 'Elvis My Happiness', announces that his book, 'Elvis à Paris', will get a new release. There will be a new cover and some extra pages. The new added content will contain some newly discovered pictures of Elvis in 1959. The book will be available in French and English and will be released in July/August.

Source: Elvis Matters

June 14, 2007

Follow Me To Tennessee by Andrew Hearn

 The ultimate travel guide to Memphis, "Follow Me To Tennessee" has now been released.

Source: Essential Elvis

June 14, 2007

Elvis: A King In The Making by Alfred Wertheimer (update)

 Here is the cover of the book "Elvis: The King In The Making" by Alfred Wertheimer (a re-issue of Elvis '56 - In The Beginning). It shows a close resemblance with the cover of Elvis at 21.

Source: Carlton Books Ltd

June 10, 2007

Author Dirk Vellenga passed away

 The Dutch author and journalist Dirk Vellinga died this weekend, he was 59. In 1988 Dirk Vellenga wrote the book "Elvis And The Colonel" on Elvis Dutch manager. Apart from that book, he worked as a journalist for the Dutch Breda based news paper De Stem. Vellenga's book was soon translated in English, and it was this very book that inspired TV makers for the DVD-documentary with the same title. In her book on Parker, Alanna Nash refers to Vellenga as well.

Source: ElvisNederland.com / Elvis Matters

June 10, 2007

The Gospel Side Of Elvis - review

 Two months prior to the official release of the book "The Gospel Side of Elvis" by the Imperials's bass singer Joe Moscheo, ElvisMatters was sent the advance copy. According to ElvisMatters, "no doubt that this is one of THE books that thousands of fans are waiting for this summer. After all, Elvis was born to sing Gospel, and strangely enough no one of his Gospel singers ever wrote a balanced account of his life and work, from the Gospel perspective". Read the first review ... (in Dutch) by ElvisMatters.

Source: Elvis Matters

June 9, 2007

Tupelo's Own released

 The Memphis Recording Service label released Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley. This release includes a 200 page book with hundreds of unpublished photographs, rare materials and artifacts from the Tupelo Events etc.

June 1, 2007

Book of Marc Hendrickx postponed

 The Elvis Bible "Mens Muziek Mythe" by Marc Hendrickx (written in Dutch) is postponed. The book was scheduled for release later this month, but the publishing company put the plans on hold until July. Marc was ready to present the book in a few days time, but that plan is cancelled. According to our information, the Belgian release is set for mid July, while the Dutch version comes with a box and 3 to 5 DVD's.

See also the January news item for information on the previous versions.

Source: Elvis Matters

June 1, 2007

Dixieland Delight

 The first book with photographs from the George Hill collection, "Dixieland Delight", is soon to be released, and it will contain a bonus DVD.

Source: EIN / Derek Phillips

June 1, 2007

"Elvis Is Back" boxset near completion

 If all goes as planned, the box set "Elvis Is Back" by Elvis Unlimited will be available in three weeks time. The book has more pages than the 112 "Inside" books by our Danish friends. Other items of interest are a COA, a vinyl single with a radio commercial for 'Flaming Star', and a 25 minute DVD, with backstage (silent) footage of Elvis and Bobby Darren, the "GI Hope You Like My New Album" trailer and pictures.

Source: Elvis Matters

May 28, 2007

Elvis, Mon Amour by Priscilla Beaulieu-Presley

 The French publisher Ramsay re-released the French version of Elvis and Me in May. The book was previously released as Elvis Et Moi in 1987, with the title Elvis Intime in 1997 and as Elvis Mon Amour in 2002. All editions were translated by Francois Jouffa.

Source: Amazon.fr

May 28, 2007

Remember Elvis by Joe Esposito

 Here is the cover art of the hardcover 30th Anniversary Edition of Joe Esposito's book "Remember Elvis". Both a hardcover and softcover version were published in 2006.

No release date yet.

Source: TCB Joe Publishing / EIN.

May 28, 2007

Contract With The King by Paul Pullen

 Contract with the King is a poignant novel about a group of University of Texas students who kidnap Elvis Presley in a valiant effort to save him from his poor health, destructive lifestyle, and addiction to prescription drugs. Paul Roberts and Tara Benoist, along with their close friends, hide a near comatose Elvis in the basement of an Austin, Texas rehab clinic and change his name to Aron to protect his privacy. After a short stay in rehab, they smuggle him to The Vineyard, an old, secluded ranch house nestled in the Texas Hill Country and rumored to be haunted. After Aron agrees to a five-month stay, he is encouraged to disguise his appearance by shaving his sideburns and getting a buzz cut. In the absence of radios, televisions, and telephones, the King's kidnappers use physically demanding hikes, spirited games of football, and porch stories to keep their patient sidetracked from the tortures inherent in withdrawal and recovery. While falling deeply in love, Paul and Tara lead the reader through a whirlpool of ulterior motives, emotional challenges, and euphoric situational highs. As Aron recovers, he reconnects with his daughter, his music, and the most loyal of his 50 million fans.

No release date yet.

Source: Authorhouse.

May 22, 2007

Elvis Has Left America by Eric Roux Fontaine and Helen Spillane

 Elvis Has Left America is the title of a new French book released in April. Seems to be written in both English and French language.

Source: Transbordeurs.

May 22, 2007

What If? A Second Chance for Elvis Presley by Roger Hannah

 Here is the cover artwork for the Elvis novel "What If? A Second Chance for Elvis Presley". The 369 page release is written and published by Roger Hannah.

Source: ElvisBookResearch.

May 22, 2007

Le Roman Des Amours d'Elvis by Patrick Mahé

 The French author Patrick Mahé will present his new book "Le Roman Des Amours d'Elvis" on Elvis' girlfriends Priscilla, Linda, Ginger and the others on June 23, 2007 in the French My Happiness shop in Paris.
More info (in French) on the publisher's website ...

Source: Gilles Paris / Elvis My Happiness / Elvis News

May 22, 2007

Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley by Joseph Pirzada

 The next release from the Memphis Recording Service label will be titled Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley. This release will include a 200 page book and a dvd with the running time of 1 hour and 25 min.
The dvd will include unreleased footage from Elvis' performance at the Tupelo Evening Show and the original Fox Movie tone News Reel 1956. Six of the songs will be with sound. This will be the very first time that we will see an Elvis concert from the 1950's with sound.
A 200 page book with hundreds of unpublished photographs, rare materials and artifacts from the Tupelo Events etc.
Tupelo Welcomes Home Elvis Presley - Previously unreleased footage of the Parade in Tupelo on 26th September 1956 as well as some backstage footage with Elvis.
As a bonus will there be a chapter about Elvis in Tupelo 1957. This will include an unreleased audio interview with Elvis Presley and Anita Wood and footage of the performance from the September 27, 1957 show as well as backstage and more.

Source: Memphis Recording Service ... / EIN

May 22, 2007

Elvis A Biography by Jerry Hopkins

 ELVIS A Biography is revised edition: The new edition of Jerry Hopkins' seminal biography on the King is actually a reprint of both volumes (Elvis & Elvis The Final Years) of the bio with new material.

From the publisher:
Elvis Presley is the biggest single entertainment personality in the history of American popular culture. Nearly thirty years after his death in August 1977, he remains the undisputed King of Rock'n'Roll. His talent, charisma, and good humour endeared him to millions. Known the world over by his first name alone, he remains the foremost iconic figure in popular music. Featuring a wealth of first hand interviews, Elvis combines Jerry Hopkins two previous classic best-selling Elvis biographies, Elvis: A Biography and Elvis: The Final Years with all-new material to give the definitive detailed account of Presley's fantastic life.

Source: Plexus Publishing / EIN / ElvisBookResearch

May 22, 2007

Steven Chanzes writing new book

Steven Chanzes writing new book - proceeds to go to "Presley Place": Steven Chanzes, controversial author of "Elvis, Where Are You?" has told EIN:
I'm publishing a book with the tentative title, "The Sivle Nora Story." It will leave no stone unturned and it will answer all the questions that the fans have asked and wondered about for the past 26 years since my book "Elvis, Where Are You?" was published.
In answer to a question I know will be asked, I am not undertaking this venture for profit. I am going to pay for the printing of the book and any advertising out of my own pocket. One hundred per-cent of the proceeds derived from the sale of the book will be turned over and donated to "Presley Place."
Too many people have speculated over the years as to what my motives may have been for writing "Elvis, Where Are You?" There have been gross mischaracterizations of myself and while I'm not attempting to put a halo on my head, it is time to tell the truth, to shoulder some responsibility and to set the record straight once and for all.

Source: EIN / Steven Chanzes

May 22, 2007

The Elvis Conspiracy? by Dick Grob

 Did Elvis have to die? Following Elvis' death in August 1977, his Chief of Security, Dick Grob, commenced a detailed investigation of the circumstances surrounding the King's passing.

Join EIN ... as they delve inside one of the biggest books ever published about Elvis. With nearly 700 pages, Grob's investigation of the circumstances surrounding Elvis' death reads like a mystery story, full of intriguing twists and turns as it proceeds towards its conclusion.

Long out of print, copies of this sought after release are now available from The Elvis Conspiracy? website ...

Source: EIN

May 22, 2007

Elvis Presley - A Life by Bobbie Ann Mason

 Here is the cover art of the 192 pages book "Elvis Presley" by Bobbi Ann Mason from Penguin Books which is due for re-release August 2007 (ISBN: 0143038893).

Synopsis: "Written by fellow Southerner Mason (In Country; Clear Springs), this abbreviated biography suffers fromthe series' length limitation but makes up for it by hitting the significant points.
Mason credits Elvis with inventing rock and youth culture and "[puncturing] the balloon of 1950s serenity and conformity." She posits that the result of his stint in the army "was to erase his rock-and-roll rebel image and turn him into a mainstream all-American boy next door," and that in 1969, after almost a decade spent making bad films, "he was genuinely invigorated by making good music again.
" It's when Mason offers her insight into Southern culture that the biography turns superficial, like her attempt to contextualize the bloated figure of the drug-addled singer's late years by noting that "in the deep-fried South, his shape was a familiar sight, typical of his age group." On the other hand, she does intrigue, stating that Elvis "was innocently authentic, but he craved the inauthentic, as country people, who are so close-uncomfortably close-to what is starkly real, often do." Unfortunately, Mason doesn't have the room to explain because she has to get back to zooming through the rest of Elvis's life before her space is up. As such, this intro to Elvis will be useful, but is still no substitute for Peter Guralnick's definitive two-volume biography (Last Train to Memphis, Careless Love), which Mason praises in her acknowledgments along with many other sources."

Source: Penguin Books ... / EIN / Elvis Club Berlin / Elvis News

May 22, 2007

Elvis Straight Up by Joe Esposito and Joe Russo

 Price of "Elvis Straight Up" solved!: Many thanks to AJ who sent EIN this information on this currently sold out book:
'Pre-ordering for the first volume of Joe Esposito's new book Elvis Straight Up starts at midnight ( May 5th) in the USA (West Coast) - or 8am Saturday morning if you are over this side of the pond in the UK. The publishers say they could be looking at a sell-out for this release on July 4th.
"No matter what you have ever read before, Joe's press release states "Elvis Straight Up will change the way you look at Elvis Presley and those around him."
The book is priced at $22.47 but cut and paste the discount code below to pre-order at $19.99 directly from the Elvis: Straight Up website.

Source: EIN / AJ

May 22, 2007

Elvis In Nederland by Rob van Scheers

 "Elvis In Nederland" is released. It is a re-print of the 1997 book by Dutch author Rob van Scheers. For his book, the writer interviewed Dutch celebrities with an Elvis link, such as unkie XL, Ellen ten Damme, Jan Cremer, Monique van de Ven, André Hazes, Andy Tielman, Connie Palmen, and Hans van Manen. The book comes with 288 full color pages + hard cover, and a bonus CD with Dutch artists paying tribute to Elvis: Bob Fosko, Bennie Jolink, Vincent Bijlo, Bluegrass Boogiemen, Erwin Nijhoff, Roosbeef, JW Roy, Denise Jannah, Thom Hoffman and the Bintangs.

Source: United Media Company

May 22, 2007

The Little Book of Elvis by Trevor Baker

 Due for re-release on 6 August 2007 from Carlton Books is the book entitled "The Little Book Of Elvis". Written by Trevor Baker the new edition contains 128 pages, twice the number of pages of the original edition in 2003. ISBN: 1844427315.

Source: Carlton Books Ltd / ElvisBookResearch / Elvis News

May 22, 2007

Elvis: In the Beat of the Night by Robert Ferguson

 Elvis and his Police buddies: Nearly 30 years after the death of Elvis Presley, you'd think every possible book had been written about the late King of Rock-and-Roll.
And you'd be wrong. Retired Memphis Police Department Captain Robert Ferguson has compiled Elvis: In the Beat of the Night, an interesting book that focuses on Elvis' friendship - some might even call it an obsession - with police officers. The entertainer liked to hang out with policemen, collected police badges wherever he traveled, and enjoyed being made an honorary policeman in any city where he performed.
Ferguson explains that shortly after Elvis' death in 1977, he began taping video interviews of many of the local officers who knew Elvis, from officers who met him at the beginning of his career to those who helped at his funeral. Those tapes might have remained hidden forever, but when biographer Peter Guralnick interviewed Ferguson for Last Train to Memphis he persuaded the former policeman to compile the interviews into the self-published book.

In his introduction, Ferguson says, "Everybody who lives in Memphis has an Elvis story. So I decided to document mine." Ferguson met Elvis at one of the King's first concerts in 1954, and became a police officer in 1958. He began hearing stories about how Elvis enjoyed hanging around cops; Elvis, it seems, actually thought of himself as a police officer. Several times, says Ferguson, the singer even rode along with police officers as they made their rounds.
The book includes photographs, maps, and interviews with dozens of officers who met and worked with Elvis from the late 1950s until his death in 1977. "The interviews are mainly from the rank-and-file officers," says Ferguson, "since they are the ones with whom Elvis had the most rapport. Elvis didn't want to be a chief or a sheriff; he wanted to be a policeman, and this identified himself with the patrolmen on the force."
Elvis: In the Beat of the Night presents a side of Elvis that hasn't really been told. "Elvis was a down-to-earth person in our presence - a man who just happened to be famous," says Ferguson. "He actually appeared to be in awe of us, rather than the other way around. It was a special time that none of us will ever forget, and I'd like to share it with you."
The book is available for $14.95 from Davis-Kidd Booksellers and Borders, or it can be ordered directly from Robert Ferguson, 901-380-8411.

Source: Michael Finger, Memphis Flyer / In The Beat Of The Night/ EIN

May 22, 2007

Elvis, Linda & Me - collector's edition by Jeanne Lemay Dumas

 Jim Cox told EIN about the delay in releasing Jeanne LeMay Dumas' book:
I just saw a note on your website about the new book "Elvis, Linda & Me" by Jeanne Lemay Dumas, and whether it is being delayed, etc. Apparently there has been some mixup about the book and when it is going to be available.
My name is Jim Cox, and I'm Jeanne's co-writer on the book, and I wanted to let you know what is going on concerning the book.
I think part of the reason for the confusion was the way the book first came out. It was originally put out as a self-published book by Jeanne through Authorhouse. The book was printed and made available only through authorhouse.com to begin with.
Then, within several weeks of it first becoming available, it was picked up by Rooftop Publishing, and all printing on the original book was stopped. Rooftop then decided that they were going to make the book available, first, as a soft cover with 30 black & white photos, which is the book that is now available through the usual channels (Borders, Barnes & Nobles, Walden's, etc.). It is going to be released in a much nicer format called the "Collector's Edition," on May 15, and is going to be 8 1/2" x 11", hardcover, and contain 70 glossy photos which will all be in color. The actual book story is the same but it will just be bigger, in hardback, and with 70 full color pictures.

Source: Rooftop Publishing / EIN / Jim Cox

May 13, 2007

Elvis: A King In The Making by Alfred Wertheimer

In August the book Elvis '56 - In The Beginning by Alfred Wertheimer will be re-issued with the title "Elvis: The King In The Making". Forword is written by Peter Guralnick.

From the publisher Carlton Books Ltd:
"In 1956, a 21-year-old singer called Elvis Presley was at the beginning of his career. Alfred Wertheimer, a young New York freelance photojournalist, was asked by Elvis' new label, RCA Victor, to photograph the rising star. In the course of this one-day assignment, Wertheimer was so struck by the charisma of this stunningly photogenic performer, that, whenever time and budget permitted, he felt compelled to continue to document Elvis and the everyday moments in his life during that crucial year. Wertheimer's unobtrusive photographs of Elvis in performance, with his fans, and in the recording studio, as well as at home with his family, were the first and last unguarded look at the King of Rock 'n' Roll, and present a uniquely intimate portrait of one of the world's most famous cultural figures."

Foreword by Peter Guralnick; Introduction by Chris Murray; Stage Show: Studio 50; The Steve Allen Show Rehearsal; Mosque Theatre, Richmond, Virginia; Hudson Theatre, New York City; Recording Session, Studio One; From New York to Memphis; Home Sweet Home; Russwood Park, Memphis.

Released as a hardback with 224 pages. ISBN: 1844421228.

Source: Carlton Books Ltd/ Amazon

February 22, 2007

Elvis - In the Twilight of Memory by June Juanico

In July the book "In The Twilight of Memory" will be re-released by Arcade Publishing:

To commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of his death, here is the highly acclaimed, intimate, tender, and deeply moving portrait of Elvis Presley, written by his first serious girlfriend.

June Juanico was 17 when she met Elvis Presley; he was 20. She was a good girl from Biloxi, Mississippi; he was a rockabilly singer on the verge of stardom. They fell in love in the summer of 1956, and found a timeless moment of innocence and simple pleasure. Juanico gives us the Elvis she knew and loved - the Memphis boy with aw-shucks charm, impeccable manners, and an easy and irresistible sensuality. Their lives merged quickly and completely: Elvis's mother, Gladys, felt June was her son's last hope against the excesses of life on the road and the corruption of fame. But Elvis was on a train that no one could stop. Self-possessed, June chose her own path; she left Elvis, determined never to look back. But in this completely disarming, fascinating memoir, she does look back, and proves she has remembered everything, every conversation, every story, and every caress. ELVIS IN THE TWILIGHT OF MEMORY gives us an intimate and unforgettable portrait of the man who would be King.

Both a hardcover (ISBN 1559703938, 320 pages) and paperback (ISBN 1559708395, 336 pages) will be released.

Source: Arcade Publishing

February 22, 2007

Aloha Elvis by Jerry Hopkins

This book will be released in early March.

On Elvis' first visit to Hawaii in 1957, fans filled Honolulu Stadium for not one, but two concert performances. That was the beginning of Elvis' enduring relationship with the islands, which included two additional benefit concerts, three films, and several vacation stays. For Elvis fans and those interested in Hawaii's music history, Aloha Elvis describes Elvis' love affair with the islands and includes over 100 photographs, some never before published, of Elvis and the people and places he encountered in Hawaii.

About the Author
Jerry Hopkins, a twenty-year veteran of Rolling Stone, is the author of three other books about Elvis Presley: Elvis: A Biography (1971) and Elvis: The Final Years (1980), both international bestsellers, long out of print and to be republished in an updated form in 2007; and Elvis in Hawaii (2004). His research material for those works is part of the Mississippi Valley Collection at the University of Memphis in Tennessee. Hopkins also wrote biographies of Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Raquel Welch, and Yoko Ono. A resident of Hawaii from 1976-1993, he now lives in Thailand.

Source: Bess Press

February 17, 2007

Elvis Is Back - 1960 by Elvis Unlimited

During the research for "Inside G.I. Blues", , the Danish Elvis Presley Fan Club Elvis Unlimited, found so many great shots from 1960 that they decided that Elvis' incredible year, 1960, deserved a book by itself. The images combined with the stories from Megan Murphy and contributions from Ger Rijff will come in the same format as the "Inside G.I. Blues" and "Inside "Roustabout". The book will contain more pages and the DVD will have a longer playing time.

Source: Elvis Unlimited

February 17, 2007

Inside Double Trouble by Peter Verbruggen

The beautiful book "Inside Double Trouble", to be presented on April 14th and 15th in Turnhout and Utrecht, is almost ready. The book, with hard cover and in full color, explores the virtual visit of Elvis to Belgium (Brussels, Damme, Antwerp, Bruges) and UK (London). This is the cover of the book. The full package contains:
- Hard cover book in color
- Promotional single with radio commercial
- 2 postcards
- Belgian poster (3 titles)
- Numbered COA
- Complete movie on DVD with Dutch subtitles
-Single cover of Guy Lambert's "Could I Fall In Love"

Source: Elvis Matters

February 5, 2007

Inside Roustabout by Megan Murphy

The deluxe boxset Inside Roustabout is out! It comes with a DVD and a Vinyl single. It's done in the same way as Inside GI Blues.

Note that the ISBN of the book is listed on the back cover as 87-91975-01-8, which is the ISBN of the book Inside GI Blues!


January 22, 2007

Up Close: Elvis Presley by Wilborn Hampton

Here's the cover of Wilborn Hampton's new book "Up Close". The book will be released in June.


January 22, 2007

Elvis Treasures by Robert Gordon

 The Dutch edition of the Robert Gordon book "Elvis Treasures" has been released. It contains many post cards, contracts, pictures and other documents, and a spoken CD.

Source: Elvis Matters

January 22, 2007

Two new books announced by Praytome Publishing

  Praytome Publishing has announced two new book projects. "Elvis On Tour '75" is a picture book by Sandi Pichon, author of "Raised On Elvis". As the title explains, this time, Sandi focuses on the live tours of 1975. The other book, "Dixieland Delight", is a large, full color hardback book, with a free documentary DVD. A release date is not set yet.

Source: Praytome Publishing ... / Elvis Matters

January 22, 2007

Paternity Suit Book & DVD now available by Praytome Publishing.

The book/DVD package of "The Paternity Suit Uncovered" is now available. This book by Bud Glass doesn't leave a stone unturned in the search for the truth behind the allegations. In the early seventies, Patricia Ann Parker accused Elvis of being the father of her son. This book (and DVD) shines a light on all the details. Unknown pictures, official reports, interviews and even the infamous "This Chick got pregnant with a Polaroid Camera" photo are now available. The book has 112 pages and over 250 illustrations.

Source: Praytome Publishing ... / Elvis Matters

January 22, 2007

Elvis Presley by Marie Clayton

A new photobook entitled "Elvis Presley" has been released. This 2 kilogram, 384 glossy pages book from Marie Clayton contains many known and unknown images of Elvis Presley.

This is the German edition of her book Unseen Archives, released in 2003.

The fifties:
It starts with the Milton Berle Show, new images from "Love Me Tender" and rare pictures from the Ed Sullivan Show. The Army chapter is well illustrated.

The sixties:
It shows known and unknown images, including the intropduction of Elvis in the Kiowa Indian tribe, and "Flaming Star" and casual shot of Elvis on an airplane in 1968.

The Seventies:
This section is filled with private and "professional" shots of our man, including George Klein's wedding.

The book ends with an (incomplete) overview of Elvis' life and achievements, running from 1933, his parent's wedding to 2002.

Source: Collectors Service Austria

January 8, 2007

Double Trouble book ready in April

The long awaited book "Inside Double Trouble" is almost ready. The presentation of the book is scheduled for April 14th - exactly 40 years after the premiere. "Inside Double Trouble" comes with the original movie (DVD), a vinyl promotion single and a 40 year old radio commercial.

Elvis Matters

January 6, 2007

Elvis A. Presley - Music Man Myth Reissue by Marc Hendrickx.

 The six hundred pages Elvis biopic "Elvis A. Presley - Music, Man, Myth" from the Belgian author Marc Hendrickx will be reissued in The Netherlands in May 2007 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Elvis' death. This edition will be updated to 2006. With this re-run of the book, Marc hits the 20.000 mark for a Dutch Elvis book.

The first edition was published in 1994, together with a French edition. In 1998 an updated Dutch version was issued. Two German versions were released in 2003, a normal edition and a de-luxe edition which came in a slipcase.

Source: Elvis Matters / Elvis News / Marc Hendrickx' website

January 6, 2007

Memoirs of Linda and Sam Thompson.

By August 2007, Linda and Sam Thompson hope to have their memoirs in writing. For years and after the divorce with Priscilla, Linda was Elvis's girlfriend. Her brother Sam worked as a bodyguard for Elvis in the late seventies.

Source: Elvis Matters / Elvis News

January 4, 2007

Elvis Presley Words The Complete Lyrics Volume 9

Volume 9 in the "Words" (song lyrics) series will be released early 2007. Volume 10 in this series with lyrics and backgrounds will be the only one left. Volume 8, released in 2003, ended with an entry for "The Vicious Circle" (better known as "In The Ghetto"). Information about other editions in this series can be found on the bookschelf.

Source: Elvis Unlimited

January 3, 2007

Elvis Straight Up by Joe Esposito.

Coming this summer is the book Elvis Straight Up from Joe Esposito. According to Joe destined to become the most examined and talked about Book since "Elvis, What Happened?".

Source: EIN / Darwin Lamm / Elvis Straight Up

January 3, 2007

Library Journal reviews Jerry Schilling memoir.

Library Journal reviews Jerry Schilling memoir: "In 1954, Schilling had a chance meeting with Elvis Presley at a Memphis pickup football game. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, which eventually led to Schilling's entry into the strange and exciting Presley entourage in 1964. Here, the author vividly describes meeting the Beatles, Eric Clapton, Richard Nixon, and basketball great Wilt Chamberlain; tripping on LSD with the King; and sitting in shock with Elvis as they watched the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. on television.

Throughout, Schilling treats Elvis evenhandedly, focusing on their friendship but not ignoring the drug problems, isolation, and creative vacuum that killed Presley. The King comes alive once again as a romantic, sensitive, caring, and sometimes childish and moody man in a bubble. Refreshingly, the author reveals as much about himself as Elvis, showing how the tinsel lifestyle transformed him from a well-meaning, wide-eyed, obedient kid to a divorced adult wanting freedom and a career. Schilling has captured the aura and grim realities of life with one of the most important American icons of the 20th century. One can only hope that he will follow with a book about his post-1977 life as a manager of the Beach Boys, Jerry Lee Lewis, Rick Nelson, and Billy Joel. Highly recommended for all types of readers.-David P. Szatmary, Univ. of Washington, Seattle Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information".

Source: EIN / Library Journal USA.

January 2, 2007

Paternity Suit Book & DVD by Praytome Publishing.

The latest release from Praytome Publishing is a composite book & DVD release. From the press release:

20 years of research and hard detective work and additional 18 months of pure production time have gone by. Different than our other productions which were most of the time advertised long before their release dates we kept the work about this extreme and highly controversial topic behind the curtain and over the years every little detail of this work has been handled as top secret.
A 100-pages full-colour, hard cover book with the use of the outstanding, high quality paper stock being established as best choice paper for books by our releases of the "Elvis - Behind The Image" & "Elvis - Born To Rock".
The outstanding and thrilling script of Bud Glass (author of "Elvis - Behind The Image") for the first time breaks down iron walls of silence and leads you behind the scenes of one of the biggest sex scandals in history of music.
The documentary is like an exciting thriller (Movie) and will put the viewer back and forth emotionally. The time of speculations about these events, taking place during the heighth of Elvis Presley's concert years, is over.
Did Elvis have an illigitimate child or was he the victim of a well calculated extortion attempt ?
The book goes along this line and has original court documents and photos that allow your own research for the mystery behind the most controversial sex scandal in the history of music.
Published by "Praytome Publishing" this 100 pages, full colored, hardback book co-operates perfectly with the included full length 95 minutes DVD documentary and German subtitles for the documentary.

Source: Praytome Publishing

January 2, 2007

Celebrate Elvis - Volume 1 by Joe Esposito.

"Celebrate Elvis Volume 1 " is the latest book announced by Memphis Mafia member, Joe Esposito. The softcover book (ISBN: 0977894533) is to be released this month and features 104 pages of uplifting stories designed to enlighten, entertain and inform.

Source: EIN / Elvis The Magazine.

January 1, 2007

A Happy New Year!


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