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Born To Rock
Glass, Bud (2004)

Praytome Publishing , Germany
hardback , 158 pages , 21.6 x 28.4 x 1.5 cm , 0.953 kg

Category: Photographs
Language: English
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This book has been rated by 51 person(s), 50 of them have read this book.
Their average rating is 9.6.
Their comments:

" this book is like no ohter in print,content! You have to rethink 1975 and the late elvis Presley!!! After itīs release I understand their comercials....the time is over to put a single picture on a page and call it a book! Elvis looks handsome and fantstic. "

" brilliant! "

" a must have! "

" elvis looks handsome in 1975 "

" a book about 1975! the best concert book ever! no more ugly liner notes on import cds!!!after this book it lokks stupid! "

" A rating of 10 looks too much to me, because the Sean Shaver books are rated less while they are much better. "

" the book cost much less as a sheaver book got more and better information and more pics and the reader got everything in a never befor seen qually much better than every the way sheaver books are never about on topic or concert... "

" better and cheaper than every shaver book so far "

" we need more books like this "

" elvis looks fantastic in this book "

" the best concert book ever! great pics great info! "

" this is how a concert book should be! a bargain for the prize and quality! hope there will be a second vol one day "

" better than every shaver book there is no doubt! "

" Great photos, but very limited text. "

" beside the great pics a lot of info...more text then in every tunzi book "

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