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Nothingville, Amerikaans Elvisjournaal
Tiel, Dennis van (2018)

Almost in Elvis , Netherlands
paperback , 62 pages , 23 x 15.2 x 0.6 cm , 0.12 kg

Category: Magazine
Language: Dutch
Description: Issue 18 of the periodical Almost in Elvis collects the articles written during a many-week journey, both imaginary and real, across the United States. A journey that introduced the writers to all the famous places and caves of the spectacular country we know as Elvis's United States. With more than 50 pictures and illustrations in black&white. Contributions by Dennis van Tiel, Ludo Diels, Samar Haddad, Fred Omvlee, John Schoorl, Remo Schorel, Nick Swarth and Fred van Veen.
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