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Seeing Is Believing
Tiel, Dennis van (2012)

Almost in Elvis , Netherlands
paperback , 36 pages , 29.7 x 21 x 0.2 cm , 0.162 kg

Category: Magazine
Language: Dutch
Description: 'We accept the laws of physics that arose after the Big Bang and led to Higgs particles and Elvis Presley.' Why does humanity feel the need to want to see Elvis everywhere? Why do we want to keep Elvis in our field of vision? These questions are addressed in the fourteenth issue of the periodical Almost in Elvis. Fortunately, the fathers of Almost in Elvis are Socrates supporters, because Seeing in Believing only raises more questions than answers. If you haven't become curious by now... With contributions by Jan Alfrink, Geertje Dekkers, Gertrude uit Breda, Tim van der Heijden, Fred Omvlee, John Schoorl, Nick J. Swarth and Dennis van Tiel.
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