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Source Citation Report for Elvis Aaron Presley 50 Generations New 2022 and Revised Edition Vol 1 of 2
Bolig, Lorina (2022)

Independently published
paperback , 500 pages
ISBN-13: 979-8-3707-9612-8

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Language: English
Description: Ancestors of Elvis Aaron 50 Generations-New 2022 Revised & Edited Edition is the latest edition of Elvis Presley's ancestors. He has an amazing ancestry and is the descendent of many royal lines. From the Holy Roman Empire to kings of Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and many more. He is descendant of, Kings and Queens from around the world. The series consist of his Ancestry and two source citation books that contain detailed information of Elvis Ancestors. There are over 5600 sources in the two volume citation books, giving the best account of Elvis ancestors that currently exist. This is the Source Citation Report Volume 1 of 2
Source: back cover.
Source(s): Cover, info and description : various sources

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