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Elvis, The Numbers
Rene, Joseph (2017)

Lulu Press
paperback , 424 pages
ISBN-10: 1-326-30938-2 , ISBN-13: 978-1-326-30938-1

Category: Religion
Language: English
Description: In the present docufiction, the author identifies five stages in Elvis Presley's spiritual life: -The traumatic guilt of surviving a stillborn twin-Jessie-subsequently triggering a state of dual personality; -During which period his mother Gladys supersedes Jessie's presence; -Then the world reverses at Gladys' death, and Jessie "resurrects"; -So polarities in Elvis' mind invert, and Jessie replaces Gladys; -When Jessie "dies", Elvis' polarities invert back, and he returns to Gladys via spirituality. With the help of numerology, he meets her again in "death", as the calculated date of Elvis' disappearance is highly symbolic with regards to Gladys' date of passing. That day is also the date of his symbolic Bar-Mitzvah, when Elvis the boy becomes Elvis the man, by an amazing twist of faith. He thus solves his identity issue...his way.
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