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My Army Days With Elvis: Friendship, Football & Follies
Lang, Johnny ; Lang, Jeffrey ; Mansfield, Elizabeth (2023)

Xulon Press , Maitland (FL)
paperback , 116 pages , 21.6 x 14 x 0.9 cm , 0.203 kg
ISBN-10: 1-6628-6868-5 , ISBN-13: 978-1-6628-6868-9

Category: Elvis in the Army
Language: English
Description: What was Elvis like in those early Army Days? The question I get most is 'what was he like?' It's hard to give a blanket answer because I knew the 22-year-old version of what everyone else sees in the media and those tell all books. We were kids, clowning around having fun, playing football, chasing girls. I didn't know him in his turbulent years or have exposure to any prescription pill use or so-called mood swings. I only knew the young, very funny, unvarnished version of him. Hopefully the stories in this book shed more light on what he was really like. A number of years ago, The National Enquirer wanted to pay me for an interview and was looking for dirt. Not a chance. I enjoyed being Elvis' friend in those early days of his career. For decades, many people have asked me to write this now in my 80s here it is. I had fun telling these stories and you will laugh or even find it touching, but simply enjoy the real Elvis in the Army. I have also included for you some stories by his singing buddy, Wes Daniels, as well as some romantic stuff shared by his early girlfriend and first secretary, Elisabeth Mansfield.
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