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Elvis Presley: La Musica E Il Regno
Robertson, John ; Testani, G. (transl.) (2014)

Arcana Edizioni , Italy
paperback , 128 pages
ISBN-10: 88-6231-335-7 , ISBN-13: 978-88-6231-335-3

Category: Discography
Language: Italian
Description: Album by album, single by single, "The Music and the Kingdom" is a (short) journey through all the music recorded by Elvis Presley in his twenty-year career, from the legendary sessions at the Sun of Memphis to the decadence in the casinos of Las Vegas, the many films with their soundtracks and the surprising comeback of '68.
First released as The Complete Guide to the Music of Elvis Presley in 1994. The book was also translated into German (2001 and 2006) and Spanish (2008).
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